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Discovery Program Sales represents the television broadcasting rights for Discovery Inc’s portfolio of networks in the global marketplace. With access to original content produced for Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, Science, Investigation Discovery, HGTV, Food Network, Travel Channel and more, our catalogue of nearly 30,000 hours offers a variety of genres within the factual entertainment and lifestyle space.

Our sales team partners with our clients through regional offices in London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Miami, Munich, Singapore, Warsaw and Discovery’s global headquarters in Silver Springs, Maryland, to analyze local markets and break down the programming needs of broadcasters within each territory.

For licensing, co-financing or customized branded programming blocks please contact your regional sales executive. Be sure to check out our latest market releases, download one sheets, or browse our library.

For Spring 2017, Discovery Program Sales is bringing groundbreaking, and diverse documentaries, scripted entertainment and compelling lifestyle series to the global content-buying marketplace.

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1 x 90 | Yap Films Inc. | 2017

Mosquitos kill more every year than all other creatures combined. What if we could just get rid of this deadly killer all together? Scientists around the world are putting systems into place that could kill off whole populations of mosquitos to combat the ever-growing number of human deaths. If successful it would result in the biggest planned extinction in human history. This two-hour film dives head first into the battle of man vs. mosquito. Who can predict what will happen when we play God?

Escobar's Millions

6 x 60 | Network Entertainment, Inc. | 2017

At one time the most wanted man on the planet, Pablo Escobar, buried masses of his estimated $50 billion fortune all over Colombia; most of which has never been recovered. Now, two former CIA case officers - armed with the skills and training that stem from 10 years of work overseas - are partnering together with the original DEA agents made famous in Narcos to hunt for the cash. This elite team will return the money to the Colombian people and government.


8 x 60 | Discovery Studios | 2017

Manhunt: UNABOMBER, follows Jim Fitzgerald, the FBI agent who tracked down Ted Kaczynksi aka the "Unabomber" and brought him to justice. A certified genius, Ted was always two steps ahead of the authorities. The person capable of stopping Ted’s reign of terror had to be someone who also thought in an unconventional, even maverick way. Special Agent Jim Fiztgerald was the man for the job. He shunned conventional wisdom and thought outside of the box. His trailblazing career would lead him to become one of the most decorated profilers in the history of the FBI and a pioneer in forensic linguistics.

Harley and the Davidsons

3 x 90 | RAW TV Ltd. | 2017

A Harley-Davidson is more than a motorcycle. It is a symbol of Americana, built from the ground up by founders Walter and Arthur Davidson and their friend Bill Harley. But the road to success was not exactly smooth – filled with innumerable obstacles, ruthless competitors and extraordinary risks. Together these three young men gave everything they had to ensure the survival of the company they founded. A scripted series based on a true story, "Harley and the Davidsons" charts the birth of this iconic bike during a time of great social and technological change beginning at the turn of the 20th century. The series is led by an all-star cast including Michiel Huisman (“Game of Thrones”) as Walter Davidson, Robert Aramayo (“Game of Thrones”) as William (Bill) Harley and Bug Hall (“The Little Rascals”) playing the role of Arthur Davidson.

Underwater Planet

6 x 60 | Best Productions | 2016

Enter a world hidden beneath the surface of the oceans, seas, and inland waters as seen through the eyes of one of the most famous photographers who brought us, “Magic of the Big Blue”. Marvel at the largest biological ecosystem on Earth and enjoy six film stories presenting its complexity and diversity. See the world through the eyes of a seasoned diver and pioneering photographer. From the smallest inhabitants to underwater giants, from beautiful reefs to endless underwater deserts – witness the most beautiful and interesting locations of our “Underwater Planet”.

Supernatural Nazis

3 x 60 | Wildbear Entertainment | 2016

Follow the untold stories you haven’t heard in the powerful three-part series of “Supernatural Nazis.” “Hitler’s Zombie Army” uncovers the incredible voyage of ‘monument men’ whose adventure exposes a world of magic, high priests and secret castles where barbarian warlords are 'reincarnated' and 'resurrected.' In “The Nazi Jesus,” the Nazi Christ and Hitler’s second coming are examined as one of the colossal struggles of the second World War. Lastly, “Nazi Killer Magic” examines the great untold story of how mystics were handed control of the world's greatest armies during World War Two.

Jodie Marsh

7 x 60 | Various Producers | 2012-2014

A model, body builder, and a popular British television personality, Jodie Marsh has an unusual approach to investigative reporting. Jodie cleverly pushes her way into worlds she knows nothing about, lives like her subjects and gets the real deal every time. In seven (7) unique episodes, Marsh examines everything from Drugs, Steroids and Plastic Surgeryto Virginity, Lying, Cheating Men, Mail Order Brides, and Women Who Pay For Sex.

Discovery Program Sales is proud to be the exclusive distributor for betty, the UK’s premiere producer of factual lifestyle content, renowned for developing and producing modern, high-quality formats and factual television series for top UK broadcasters including Channel 4, Discovery Channel and BBC. Creative, stimulating and with a keen eye for fresh talent, betty is best known for high rating popular titles such as Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners, The Undateables and Country House Rescue.

Speak to your local Program Sales Executive to inquire available rights in your territory.

To learn more about betty, visit

The Fabulous Baker Brothers

Two brothers - one a baker, the other a chef and butcher - unlock the trade secrets of baking, and without a cupcake in sight! With five generations of baking tradition behind them, Tom and Henry roll up their sleeves, get out the flour and take viewers through their delicious recipes. But it's not just about bread and pastry: each dish will have hearty fillings, tempting toppings and tasty accompaniments that bring in stacks of delicious flavours.

Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners

Meet the Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners: individuals who take cleaning and order to a whole new level. Hayley buys more cleaning products than food in her weekly shop; Michelle spends over 60 hours a week cleaning her house; and Richard is obsessed with order in his home to the detriment of his relationships. In each episode, an obsessive cleaner is paired with a borderline hoarder to help bring order to chaos and put their obsession with cleaning to good use.

Ultimate Shopper

Ultimate Shopper pits four fashionistas head-to-head in a series of style-based challenges to be judged by a discerning and stylish panel of experts. From crafting the perfect look for a first date to donning just the right outfit for a second job interview, the contestants will be judged on their chic creativity and quick-thinking fashion sense. It’s the ultimate fashionista’s prize as the last shopper standing wins everything in their changing room.

Secrets of the High Street

Go behind the scenes to see the dodgy sales techniques used on Britain’s high streets. Watch as hidden cameras follow a team of sales experts who practice the dark arts of upselling, flattery and manipulation in a variety of locations from clothes shops to beauticians to supermarkets. Between stings, Host Harry Wallop, reveals more secrets to help us become savvier shoppers and bargain hunters.

Man Up

Man Up is a quirky, intelligent, and emotional series that searches for the hidden male hero inside and aims to improve self-esteem, bolster flagging self-belief and arm the men with the tools for a better life. Presented by British comedienne Olivia Lee, Man Up steps in to transform these hapless blokes into eligible, capable and dateable men. Each man leaves behind their old lives and moves into the Man Up flat in London to undergo a week-long, intense program of male reinvention. With the support of counseling psychologist Anjula Mutanda and style guru Gemma Sheppard, each aims to improve self-esteem and arm the men with the tools for a better life.

The Food Inspectors

Matt Allwright and Chris Hollins join Britain’s environmental health teams to lift the lid on how these hidden heroes protect the food-loving British public. Dealing with public complaints, investigating contaminated samples and spot-checking establishments, it’s never a dull day for a food inspector.

The Undateables

Looking for love can be tricky but some find it harder than others. Add disability to the equation and it can sometimes seem impossible. We follow the journey of several extraordinary singletons as they enter the dating circuit in pursuit of love. From a stand-up comedian with Tourettes to an office worker with Down’s Syndrome, we look at the realities of looking for love in an image-obsessed world, where too many people make snap judgements based on first impressions - and even consider some to be 'undateable'.


Part travelogue, part competitive culinary show, Taste-Off follows British chef, restaurateur and author Aaron Craze, as he takes on homegrown food heroes around the world to prove he can cook up beloved national dishes as tasty and authentic as the locals. Aaron learns the local culinary dish before competing against the locally crowned master. Each episode culminates with a blind taste test where the local audience makes the final call.

The Food Hospital

An emerging area of medical science, The Food Hospital examines the science behind using food as medicine, tackling patients' health problems through the food they eat. Monitored by medical experts, patients suffering from a range of medical conditions and symptoms check into The Food Hospital where they are prescribed specific diets to determine if their health problems can be cured by the food they eat. It’s time to eat our way back to health!

Discovery Program Sales is representing a number of UK commissioned series and specials produced by Raw. As a multi-award winning Production company, Raw is known for telling great stories with passion, integrity and style. Their popular shows range from factual programmes to drama documentaries and current affairs which they produce for broadcasters in the UK and US including the BBC, Channel 4, Five and Discovery amongst others. Raw has built a reputation for bringing visual flair and gripping storytelling to everything they do, ensuring every production will stand out from the crowd.

To learn more about Raw, please visit

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