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Discovery Consumer Products builds strong alliances with the world's most respected manufacturers and retailers to create compelling products and experiences across the portfolio of Discovery Communications' brands and properties. From series-based fan gear and DVD’s distributed through direct-to-consumer platforms to strategic third-party merchandising partnerships, Discovery Consumer Products brings the brands of the world’s #1 pay-TV programmer to consumers around the world.

Preview a selection of our brands available for license, contact us, check out our home entertainment catalog for the international market place, or flip through our 2017 Holiday Lookbook.

Discovery Adventures

Drive cross country with your friends, explore nature with your family, go camping on the beach, or simply enjoy a city break in Paris with your loved one. Your passion is traveling and exploring, your style is practical comfort. Discovery Adventure is part of the experience that is making your journeys fun and memorable, no matter how big or small. Travel your way, there are amazing destinations to be discovered. Make your world bigger.

Core: Parents 25-54 | Secondary: Grandparents and Gifters

Discovery Kids

Kid certified and parent approved, Discovery Kids is empowering and inspiring children, to explore the world and be curious about its wonders. Whether they are building the coolest camp in the garden, commanding their own space rocket or just reading about their favorite animals. There are no limits, their excursions can take them to outer space or to the deepest darkest bottom of the oceans. Boy focused but girl inclusive, Discovery Kids is passionate about knowledge.

Core: Kids 5-12 | Secondary: Parents, Grandparents and Gifters

Animal Planet

Animal Planet is creating an emotional connection between humans and animals through engaging and inspiring stories. From wild animals to beloved pets to fantastical creatures like dragons. Every animal has a story to tell and something to teach us about ourselves and the world around us. Animal Planet is celebrating and exploring a vital, enriching and ultimately humanizing connection with the animal world. Watch closely and you might find they are just like us.

Core: Parents 25-54 and Kids 3-11 | Secondary: Grandparents and Gifters

Animal Planet Pets

Who always greets you with a happy smile and a warm snuggle? Who wants to play or sometimes just relax with you? Who will cheer you up when the day has been long? Your pet! Animal Planet Pets understands that unique and emotional bond between people and their pets. Animal Planet Pets makes that connection stronger in the everyday moments from feeding to bathing, to playtime to bedtime.

Core: Adults 18-54 | Secondary: Grandparents and Gifters

Shark Week

Cool and mysterious, sometimes a bit scary but generally just awesome – sharks are just like you. You love the thrill of getting close and personal with this impressive and stunning creature. Take a fascinating journey to the depths of the sea and uncover the secrets of the ocean’s top predator. Feed your curiosity and quench your thirst for shark knowledge. Be part of the shark revolution. It’s the most wonderful week of the year, all year long.

Core: Parents 25-54 and Kids 5-12 | Secondary: Grandparents and Gifters

Discovery Expedition

Scale the summit to see the sun rise from the top, trek to the source to taste the freshest water, venture forth with Discovery Expedition. Where boundaries are challenged and new experiences come to life. Endless opportunities for an ambitious and active explorer. Take the path less travelled, demand quality and innovation. DX prepares you for the outdoors and joins you in your quest to satisfy your curiosity. Experience Discovery Expedition – the world is to be explored! 

Core: Adults 18-54 | Secondary: Gifters

Welcome to the new Discovery Home Entertainment catalogue where you will find a selection of our latest titles and content available for DVD license. You can screen clips from the catalogue on our Vimeo channel.

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Home Entertainment 2016 Autumn Supplement

Discovery Location Based and Live Entertainment brings curiosity, exploration, adventure and the thrill of discovery to life to millions of guests around the world with experiences that entertain, engage and enlighten. Through themed destinations and attractions, travel programs, live entertainment, retail and hospitality, consumers can immerse themselves in Discovery.

Our Current Programs

Discovery at Sea
with Princess Cruises

Together Discovery and Princess Cruises create an entertaining, immersive environment with high-quality touch points that create lasting memories for the whole family. Experiences include bespoke and exclusive shore excursions, Stargazing with Science Channel’s Hakeem Oluseyi and dedicated in cabin channels that feature over 100 hours of Discovery hit series. Coming up in 2016, with the help of TLC’s fashion expert Stacy London, Style at Sea with TLC will provide tips and tricks to help guests feel and look their best while aboard their cruise. Discovery at Sea has been implemented on all 18 Princess Cruise ships delighting over 2 million passengers per year.

To experience our program or book your cruise, visit:

Press coverage by Princess Cruises and PR Newswire

Discovery Destinations

A collection of distinct, independent destination properties uniquely positioned to deliver guests an extraordinary experiential vacation. Discovery Destinations ignite curiosity, adventure, exploration, immersion and discovery. Discovery Destinations offers travelers and fans alike new ways to discover the world first-hand, taking the picturesque scenes and exploration of Discovery’s on-air content to the next level through immersive experiences that entertain and inspire. Whether you seek an adventurous excursion or a guided tour rich in history, each partner resort asks guests to expect the unexpected as they experience aspects of Discovery that are authentic to their surroundings and local culture.

To experience our program, visit:

Press coverage by AP and the NY Times

Discovery Adventures
Moganshan Park

Discovery Adventures Park, located in Moganshan, Deqing county, Huzhou city, Zhejiang province, covers approximately 1,000,000 square meters space, surrounded by mountains and water with a breadth of natural resources. The adventure destination provides innovative programs, as well as certified courses and instructors from around the world. Discovery Adventures Park focuses on private and corporate team building events, as well as general admission for individuals, groups and families.

The adventure park features an array of multiple level outdoor survival skills training programs: China's biggest rock climbing wall, zip-lines, mountain bike courses, hiking routes, obstacle challenges and more. In addition to the adventure park, 5-star accomodations are provided onsite by our Discovery Destinations Hotel and Resort.

Press coverage by PR Newswire and Travel Daily Media

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